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Iberdrola Chairman, Ignacio Galán, defends in Paris the principle of ‘polluter pays’

Iberdrola Chairman, Ignacio Galán, talks to Ségolène Royal, French Minister of the Environment, Energy and the Sea and Chair of COP21, after attending the meeting organised in Paris by the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition to which the company belongs. During his speech Galán defended the need to set a carbon price under the “polluter pays” principle.  The Chairman of Iberdrola highlighted the success of the Climate Summit in Paris, stressed that now is the time to implement the agreement and said: “The most efficient tool to achieve climate goals is putting a price on carbon, as it provides technology-neutral incentives and promotes the cheapest clean production sources. Carbon pricing will not be fully effective unless all agents are in a level playing field, removing subsidies to carbon-intensive producers.”


The Chairman of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, talk with Minister of Environment, Energy and Sea of France and president of the COP21, Ségolène Royal, after his speech at the conference.

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Ignacio Galán during his speech at the meeting organised in Paris by the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

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