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  • This was the first time the event was carried out in the Iberdrola Tower
  • The Chairman highlighted the economic and social contribution made by the Group, which last year invested €8,200 million and spent €5,300 million on acquisitions
  • IBERDROLA hired 5,800 professionals in 2011, almost 2,000 of which are new positions
  • The film-maker Julio Medem and orchestral conductor Inma Shara also took part in this special meeting, which featured multi-media connections with the Company's most important offices all over the world

IBERDROLA Chairman, Ignacio Galán, met nearly 200 group managers from around the world in Bilbao at the event held traditionally every year prior to the General Shareholders’ Meeting, which will be held tomorrow in the Euskalduna Palace.

The meeting, held for the first at the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao, was attended by managers from the main countries in which the group operates, including Spain, Brazil, the US, the UK, Portugal and Mexico.

Ignacio Galán thanked the company’s professionals for their efforts last year, when the group reported a record EBITDA figure of €7,650 million, despite the complex macroeconomic and energy scenario.

The Chairman of IBERDROLA also underlined the company’s commitment to society, through its role as a driver of the economy in the countries where it operates. Ignacio Galán pinpointed the investment of €8,200 million and purchases of €5,300 million made from companies around the world, creating employment and maintaining thousands of jobs.

The Chairman also referred to the company’s commitment to its employees, specifying that over the past year almost 5,800 new professionals were taken on, of which nearly 2,000 were new posts. The group’s workforce now numbers 33,000, 23% of which are female.

The group also gave 1.2 million in-house training hours, 22% more than in the previous year, and 700 interns were given the opportunity to work at the company in the past year. The Fundación Iberdrola also renewed its postgraduate and doctorate grants programme to allow young people in the countries where the group operates to broaden their studies at prestigious international universities.

Ignacio Galán reiterated the company’s commitment to innovation. In 2011, the group earmarked €140 million for different projects such as smartgrids and marine energy, putting IBERDROLA among the biggest investors in Europe in this field.

Documentary by Julio Medem

Basque film-maker Julio Medem also took part in the event, presenting a documentary on IBERDROLA’s one-hundred year history, highlighting the company’s outstanding contribution to the development of society. In this short film, the director reflects the positive impact of the investment in hydroelectric plants on education, healthcare, training and modernisation in many rural communities and the development of the country as a whole through the creation of jobs and wealth.

The film also contains the accounts of men and women who have contributed to the company’s success, showing how IBERDROLA develops its business model, creating among employees a feeling of family unity while fostering the values of commitment, effort, loyalty, honesty and team work which characterise the group today.


The meeting was also attended by Inma Shara, Spain’s most internationally renowned orchestral conductor, who spoke about the importance of commitment, passion and talent in team building.

This year the event was hosted using a new interactive format with multimedia connections between the headquarters in Bilbao and some of the company’s offices around the world: Campinas in Brazil; Rochester in the US and Glasgow in the UK. The atmosphere in the streets prior to the IBERDROLA General Shareholders' Meeting was also broadcast from these four cities.

Union support to IBERDROLA

Before the meeting with directors, the Chairman of IBERDROLA and the Human Resources Department held a meeting with the unions represented in the Company: UGT, SIE, ATYPE, CC.OO., USO, ELA and CGT. Together, they recapped and shared the Group's business model, management and the results obtained by the Company. Union representatives offered their backing to Ignacio Galán for the results achieved by IBERDROLA in 2011.


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