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  • Almost 70,000 m2 of land will be given over to tertiary uses, green areas and public thoroughfares.
  • The installations, which are part of the Plan Madrid electricity network upgrade project, supply more than 80,000 customers in the north of the city
  • With the addition of Fuencarral and Pilar IBERDROLA has now reinforced or buried eight substations since 2003

IBERDROLA has brought on stream the new Fuencarral and Pilar substations, in the North of Madrid. The installations, which have entailed an investment of around €60 million and have cutting edge design and technology, supply more than 80,000 customers in the capital. 

The start-up of of these infrastructures, overseen by the company's engineering and construction subsidiary, increases the quality and security of supply in this area of the city. Furthermore, following the dismantling of the substations that they are replacing, IBERDROLA is freeing up nearly 70,000 m2 of land, which will be given over to tertiary uses, green areas, and public thoroughfares. 

The new Fuencarral substation is housed in a concrete building and has six transformers with installed capacity of 550 MVA. Thanks to the technology used, the substation takes up 90% less space than the old outdoor installation. The El Pilar installation is underground and has five transformers with 425 MVA installed capacity.

The completion of these works marks a new milestone in the roll out of the Plan Madrid, the agreement signed in 2003 between the Community of Madrid, the Madrid City Council and IBERDROLA to upgrade the Company's electricity network in the region.

With the addition of Fuencarral and Pilar IBERDROLA has now reinforced or buried eight substations since the three institutions signed the agreement.

The aim of the initiative is to provide the capital with more modern and safer electricity distribution installations, capable of guaranteeing growing energy supply needs. The plan, which involves the dismantling of more than 120 kilometres of overhead power lines and the downsizing of 16 substations, will allow IBERDROLA to increase the power of its Madrid medium voltage network by almost 1,000 MVA, sufficient to provide service to nearly a million people.

IBERDROLA is the leading power company in the Madrid region, with over two million customers in 146 towns and cities, representing around 70% of the market. The Madrid region boasts the Company's best supply quality indices in Spain. 


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