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  • The document describes the company's main initiatives in the area of the environment
  • The document describes the tools that IBERDROLA has implemented to manage biodiversity: Biodiversity Policy, environmental impact assessments, management systems and plans of action geared towards biodiversity

IBERDROLA has published its Biodiversity Report for the years 2009-2010, describing the approach taken in management and the company's main initiatives and projects in this area, one of the pillars in its environmental strategy. 

IBERDROLA has pinpointed two priority challenges in managing biodiversity, in line with its ongoing commitment to sustainability: to have a balanced portfolio of electricity sources that can meet demand while leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint and to minimise the impact of its activity on regions and countries that are renowned for the wealth of their biological diversity.

This Report is published by IBERDROLA as part of the Biodiversity Policy passed in December 2007 by the Board of Management, which is applicable in all of the countries where the Group operates.

The document reaffirms the company's effort to ensure the environmental sustainability of its activity and secure more sustainable growth, highlighting that IBERDROLA employs various tools to manage biodiversity: Biodiversity Policy, environmental impact assessments, management systems and plans of action geared towards biodiversity. 

The Group manages biodiversity on the basis of the following priority lines of action: the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the environment, the development and implementation of guidelines on biodiversity for new projects, the communication of information at in-house and external levels, the provision of training & awareness and stakeholder relations. 

Some of the initiatives carried out by IBERDROLA around the world as part of its Plans of Action on Habitat Management  and Biodiversity include: drawing up inventories on former construction sites to ensure renewal, minimising and monitoring emissions and waste from generation plants, developing fire risk maps for electrical supports or altering the course of power lines to protect birds and allow for the recovery of habitats and endangered species.

This published report, which may be accessed via this website draws attention to several important and innovative projects, such as the Capercaillie Conservation Programme in Spain and North Scotland, the Habitat Management Plan at Whitelee Wind Farm (Scotland), the Bat Mortality Study at Casselman Wind Farm (U.S.) and Experiments with Ladder Snakes (Rhinechis scalaris) at Electricity Grid Infrastructure belonging to IBERDROLA in Spain.

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