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  • Valencia regional president Alberto Fabra and Ignacio Galán visit the Torrent DOC
  • The company has increased the quality of supply to the region of Valencia by more than 20% this summer, setting new records in July and August
  • The IBERDROLA Chairman highlighted the agreement signed with Gamesa for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle recharging points in the region

IBERDROLA Chairman Ignacio Galán announced today that the company will extend the smart grid started up in Castellón to Valencia and Alicante, “making Valencia one of the most advanced regions in the world in electricity network infrastructure”.

The announcement came during a tour with Valencia regional president Alberto Fabra of IBERDROLA’s Distribution Operating Centre (DOC) in Torrent (Valencia). Also attending were Head of the Networks Business Javier Villalba and Company Advisor and Chairman of the Valencia Advisory Council José Luis Olivas.

Galán thanked Fabra for the timing of the visit, which took place in a summer that saw IBERDROLA reach its highest ever level of service quality for this time of year. He said, “We have improved the quality of supply in the region of Valencia by more than 20% since last year and 53% in the last 10 years”.

In this respect, Ignacio Galán underscored the work carried out by the power distribution team in the region of Valencia and the more than €4 billion invested by IBERDROLA there in the last decade.

The IBERDROLA Chairman pointed out that the Torrent CDO has the control system with the greatest number of features available in the world today and that “from here the power distribution network is controlled and managed, in real time and automatically, with more than 1,800 facilities and 6,000 switches controlled and more than 80,000 variables processed remotely”.

Ignacio Galán highlighted the work of the company's highly qualified and experienced human resources, which oversee the operation of this centre. Comprising more than 40 professionals, the team provides around-the-clock service 365 days a year.

Via an innovative and internationally renowned Specturm remote control system incorporated in the DOC, the company manages grids supplying power to more than three million people in Valencia through 60,000 kilometres of power lines, 132 substations and more than 22,000 transformer centres.

The smart grid recently started up in Castellón, which will be extended to Valencia and Alicante, is also managed from this centre. As Galan explained, “this cutting-edge technology enhances efficiency and quality by allowing for real time measurement of customers’ power usage and instant operations”.

Gradual rollout of e-mobility

At the same time, advances in the networks allow for the gradual rollout of innovative initiatives in areas of sustainability mobility, such as the electric vehicle, on which IBERDROLA is working hard in the region of Valencia.

In this respect, the IBERDROLA Chairman highlighted that recently “we have signed an agreement with Gamesa for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations in the region of Valencia”.

As a result, IBERDROLA and Gamesa will provide the necessary infrastructure to deploy and develop e-mobility so that this technology will be available to the people of Valencia in the near future.

The charging stations will be equipped with intelligence to know the users at all times, to distinguish between hours of operation based on energy prices, and to calculate consumption in real time.

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