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  • The new facilities guarantee a high quality supply
  • Last year, the company added a further 1,835 mega volt amps to the Spanish system, increasing installed capacity by 2.8%
  • IBERDROLA commissioned 22 new substations, over 2,300 km of high, medium and low voltage power lines and around 2,500 transformation centres

IBERDROLA reinforced and extended its electricity distribution network in Spain in 2010, thanks to an accumulated investment amounting to EURO 665 million. Last year, the company commissioned 22 new electrical substations, increased the capacity of a further 44 facilities and built over 2,300 km of high, medium and low voltage power lines and around 2,500 transformation centres.

Thanks to all of these new facilities and the enhancement of the existing installations, the company added 1,835 mega volt amps (MWV) to the Spanish system in 2010, which represents a 2.8% increase in installed capacity. 

Of the total investment made, 57% (EURO 380 million) went towards building substations; 33% (EURO 210 million) to laying power lines; 9% (EURO 65 million) to  installing transformation centres and the remaining 1% to automating the new grid infrastructure.   

In Castile-La Mancha, IBERDROLA built six new substations, with a combined capacity of 125 MVA. The highlight of these facilities is the one at the Aeronautical Industrial Estate (Parque Aeronáutico) (40 MVA) in Albacete. About 282 transformation centres were also commissioned in this region, as well as around 210 km of power lines.

In the Madrid Region, a total of 1,193 MVA was added by the six new substations, 251 transformation centres and 288 km of power lines installed.  The main substations that were commissioned were Melancólicos (513 MVA) and La Estrella (450 MVA), both of which are compact and located in the city of Madrid.

IBERDROLA's new facilities in Castile-León, which added a further 87 MVA, consist of three substations, around 277 transformation centres and 374 km of power lines.  The highlight among these infrastructure facilities is the Zambrana substation in Valladolid, with a capacity of 50 MVA.

In Extremadura, the company commissioned three substations with a combined capacity of 62 MVA, including the one at Arroyo de la Luz (20 MVA) in Cáceres. 122 transformation centres and 109 km of power lines were also added. 

In the Valencia Region, two substations were built, providing 50 MVA to the system, as well as 779 transformation centres and around 604 km of power lines.  The new facilities include the Valdigna substation.

In Navarre and the Murcia Region, IBERDROLA added on a total of 45 and 40 MVA, respectively.  In the former region, the company built the Bidasoa substation, commissioned 97 centres and laid 94 km of power lines.  In the latter, it commissioned the Mazarrón Port substation, built 297 centres and laid 415 km of power lines. 

In the Basque Country, the company extended and enhanced various substations, commissioned 220 new transformation centres and laid 162 km of power lines.  Lastly, IBERDROLA installed 91 centres and laid 43 km of additional power lines in La Rioja.

Key facilities for the system

Electrical substations transform the electricity that reaches towns from high to medium voltage.  It is from these substations that energy is supplied to the transformation centres, which in turn supply electricity directly to homes.  Power lines, in turn, transport and distribute energy from the various facilities, connecting them together and forming an extensive distribution network.

These elements play a basic role in the electricity system and therefore it is essential to keep on investing in the creation of an excellent distribution network, in order to be able to respond to the surge in demand and continue to improve quality of supply.



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