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  • Boosted by clean generation technologies
  • Hydroelectric power plants produced 84.4% more and accounted for 14.3% of total electricity, while renewable energies generated 18.2% more and now make up 16.5% of the total output
  • Emissions in this period stood at 250 g CO2 per kWh at Group level, compared to the figure of 279 g recorded in 2009. In Spain, emissions dropped from 164 g to 99 g  CO2 per kWh
  • The company, which continues to grow outside Spain, has an installed power of  6,968 MW in the United Kingdom, 5,598 MW in the United States, 5,565 MW in Latin America and 1,270 MW elsewhere

The IBERDROLA Group recorded an electricity output of 154,233 million kilowatt hours (kWh) in the year 2010, according to the first provisional figures, a figure that represents an 8% increase on the previous year.

This significant rise in electricity output was achieved as a result of the higher contribution made by clean generation technologies (hydraulic in particular), a trend that is in line with the company's current strategy.

In particular, the Group's hydroelectric power plants raised their output by 84.4%, reaching 22,073 million kWh and accounting for 14.3% of the total energy generated by IBERDROLA last year.

In the case of renewable energies, output also increased (+18.2%) to 25,405 million kWh, as did the renewable energies' contribution to the balance, which already stands at 16.5%. In this regard, the cogeneration plant output also increased (+2.4%) to 6,540 million kWh, thus exceeding 4% of the company's total output.

IBERDROLA's combined cycle power plants worldwide generated 59,104 million kWh in 2010, a figure that represents an 11.6% drop compared to the same period in the previous year. However, this technology is still the most significant in the Group's output balance, accounting for 38.3%.

In turn, the electricity generated by the nuclear plants rose to 26,111 million kWh, up 14.4% and accounting for 17% of total output. In the case of the thermal power plants, output rose to 14,961 million kWh, a 13% increase, accounting for 9.7% of the total output. Output by fuel-oil power stations only accounted for 39 million kWh and have all but disappeared from the Group's generation balance.

80% of output in Spain is emissions-free

Atmospheric emissions for the period stood at 250 g CO2 per kWh at Group level, compared to the 279 g recorded in 2009. In Spain, the drop was from 164 to 99 g CO2 per kWh. 48% of IBERDROLA's total output was CO2emissions-free,,a figure that in the case of Spain rose to almost 80%.

In Spain, the company produced 72,423 million kWh of electricity (+10.9%), with a notable contribution from hydraulic generation sources (+105.8%, up to 19,819 million kWh). In turn, renewable energies rose to 11,571 million kWh (+13.4%), nuclear power plants to 26,111 million kWh (+14.4%) and combined cycle gas power plants, 11,085 million kWh (-38.8%).

On the other hand, IBERDROLA's generation plants outside Spain produced 81,810 million kWh. For example, in the last twelve months, the company's facilities in Latin America generated 38,023 million kWh, while its U.K. plants generated 27,968 million, its U.S. facilities produced 13,635 million and those located elsewhere in the world generated 2,184 million kWh.

IBERDROLA has continued to diversify its worldwide generation facilities portfolio in 2010 and its installed capacity now stands at 44,991 megawatts (MW). In terms of technologies, combined cycle plants represent 29.2% of total power; hydraulic 22%; renewable energies 27.9%, thermal 10.5%; nuclear 7.4%; cogeneration 2.7% and fuel-oil 0.3%.

The company, which continues to grow outside Spain, has 6,968 MW in the United Kingdom, 5,598 MW in the United States, 5,565 MW in Latin America and 1,270 MW elsewhere in the world.   In Spain, IBERDROLA closed the year with 25,590 MW power.



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