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  • Part of the drive to improve the company’s electricity installations
  • In the first half of this year, the company inspected the lines used most to supply peak summer electricity demand
  • IBERDROLA carried out a rapid inspection of more than 11,300 kilometres of lines, a routine review of more than 24,300 kilometres and a thorough inspection of 7,200 kilometres, while conducting an infrared analysis of 23,400 kilometres, and cutting back trees that could potentially come into contact with over 1,000 kilometres of lines

IBERDROLA checked around 67,500 kilometres of its power lines in Spain in the first half of 2010 to bolster security of supply this summer and ultimately improve the quality of service it provides.

The company inspected the very-high, high, medium and low-voltage lines used most to supply peak summer electricity demand caused by high temperatures.

IBERDROLA performed routine inspections of more than 24,300 kilometres of lines and rapid inspections of more than 11,300 kilometres. These reviews are designed to detect potential problems in the components at its facilities, e.g. insulators, conductors, iron fittings, pylons, etc., caused by lightning, fallen trees, construction work or buildings close to the lines, etc.

The company also conducted a comprehensive review of the electricity pylons and the measurements required to detect potential anomalies in 7,200 kilometres of lines.

Using infrared –thermographic- analysis, it reviewed another 23,400 kilometres of lines. This entails examining the power infrastructure using thermographic cameras carried by helicopter or by a team of workers on foot. The temperatures of the installations are measured to detect and correct any points where they are too high –hot points- and to ensure supply in the event of a peak in demand.

Finally, IBERDROLA carried out cleaning work in power line corridors, felling and cutting back trees threatening to hit the lines along some 1,000 kilometres of lines.

The inspection campaign forms part of the company’s endeavours to improve its electricity installations as a means of enhancing the quality and security of suppl



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