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  • The company expects the new business line to generate 5% of 2011 revenue
  • The company will contribute its experience and professionalism in both the domestic and international real estate markets.
  • This integrated management encompasses all the activities necessary to carry out a real estate project.

IBERDROLA Inmobiliaria has just launched a new business line based on the integrated management of projects for third parties. This business involves developing real estate initiatives for third parties all the way from their inception to the delivery of the final product.

The company, which will contribute its experience and professionalism in both the domestic and international real estate markets, expects this new business line to generate 5% of its revenues in 2011.

IBERDROLA Inmobiliaria launched this business line after detecting a need among many companies, both domestic and international, and of differing profiles (financial entities, investment funds, foreign, etc.) to develop real estate projects, despite lacking the necessary infrastructure and know-how to carry them out.

Given this situation, IBERDROLA’s subsidiary will offer these types of clients all its expertise as a top-tier developer and its capacity to manage an experienced and multidisciplinary team.

IBERDROLA Inmobiliaria will develop these projects with its teams of architects, lawyers, economists, town planners, surveyors, and salespeople, who have wide-ranging experience in urban planning, developing both residential and tertiary real estate projects, and in integrated property management.

The company will contribute to the different projects its ample management experience in each autonomous region. It has offices in central Spain (Madrid, Castile-La Mancha and Castile-León), Andalusia; and Northern Spain, (Cantabria, Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, Asturias and Galicia), as well as in Catalonia, Levante and the Balearic Islands, in addition to its international division, all of which work in perfect harmony with the different local governing bodies which are involved in real estate projects.

IBERDROLA Inmobiliaria offers a broad portfolio of products, ranging from primary residences to second homes, office buildings, industrial warehouses and shopping centres. The company currently owns rental property with more than 245,000m² of gross leasable area (GLA).


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