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  • Thanks to a sales strategy moulded to the needs of consumers
  • Of these agreements, 180,000 relate to electricity supply, 40,000 to gas supply and 140,000 to accessory energy-related products and services
  • IBERDROLA has secured over 20,000 new contracts a week thanks to its intensive campaign of sales initiatives intended to offer consumers highly competitive and attractive terms and conditions
  • To meet all the energy-related needs of its customers, IBERDROLA has extended the period in which they can sign up for its new commercial products and services to 31 August

IBERDROLA secured a grand total of 360,000 new contracts to the end of June. The company has reached this impressive milestone thanks to a sales strategy carefully tailored to the needs of consumers.

Of the 360,000 contracts secured 180,000 relate to electricity supply, 40,000 to gas supply and 140,000 for accessory products and services associated with the supply of energy.

IBERDROLA is sparing no effort to meet the energy-related needs of all its customers against a backdrop of full electricity market liberalisation, which reached a major milestone yesterday with the launch of the last resort supply LRS), thereby marking an end to the integrated tariff.

The company has been preparing for this by launching various sales campaigns over recent months offering users highly competitive and attractive terms. As a result, the company has been securing new contracts at a rate of 20,000 a week.

IBERDROLA has been targeting its campaigns at SMEs, irrigators and users with specific time-of-day rates (former customers of the night-time rate) to offer solutions to all groups that are not entitled to the last resort rate (LRR). Although the initial deadline for contracting these new products and services was 30 June, the company has since decided to make them available until 31 August.

Thanks to these new offers, the company has managed to secure more than 40,000 electricity supply contracts. Of this impressive figure, 31,000 relate to contracts with SMEs, which likewise include irrigators and over 8,000 users with time-of-day rates.

The resources being channelled by IBERDROLA into its sales activity underscores the company’s commitment to its strategy of offering products which are not only competitive in terms of price, but also offer excellent service.

In this regard, the company has secured deals with numerous business associations, such as the recent agreement with the Federación Empresarial Hotelera de Mallorca (Majorcan Hotel Business Association) to guarantee the supply of energy under preferential conditions and to provide consultancy services to enhance efficient energy use and returns and encourage environmental protection.

IBERDROLA has also been holding meetings during June and July with nearly 500 consumer associations and municipal consumer information bureaus throughout Spain to inform them of the new legislation governing the last resort supply and how customers can switch from distribution to supply companies.

In addition, this week also saw the launch of an IBERDROLA advertising campaign intended to support the liberalisation of the electricity sector. Under the slogan We all choose our source of energy. From July 1 choosing IBERDROLA will be within everyone’s reach. IBERDROLA. Now more than ever, we want to be your energy. IBERDROLA has launched , and intends to continue launching over the months to come, a series of different advertisements in the press and on the radio and television.

Commitment to market liberalisation

With these initiatives IBERDROLA seeks to help customers adapt to the liberalised market. Following the recent arrival of the last resort supply (LRS), distribution companies are now only responsible for managing the grids while the supply companies are responsible for supplying energy to customers in a fully liberalised and competitive market.

LRSs began operating yesterday(*) and now offer electricity at the price prescribed by the Spanish Government through its last resort rate (LRR). This new rate is available to all consumers with contracted power equal to or lower than 10 kW - mainly households and some small companies.

For more information on the new legislation, consumers can consult the various channels IBERDROLA has set up, such as its corporate web site, its customer helpline or its customer service points.. In fact the company has opened another 50 customer service points this year.

Furthermore, in recent months the company has signed agreements with the Spanish consumers' associations, FACUA, CECU, FUCI, UCE and UNAE to help raise awareness of how the power sector works and to promote a more efficient energy use.


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(*) In the case of IBERDROLA: IBERDROLA Comercialización de Último Recurso, SAU.
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