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IBERDROLA starts construction on two wind farms in France

  • The company now has five operational wind farms (43.4 MW) and two more under construction in this country, where it has a subsidiary headquarted in Rennes
  • IBERDROLA thus continues to emphasise its global leadership in renewable energies, an area in which it projects having 7000 MW operational in 2009, of which 1450 MW will be located abroad

IBERDROLA has started construction on two new wind farms in France, to which four more will be added before the end of the year. With a combined power of 63 megawatts (MW), the projects are framed within the company’s international expansion plans in this sector.

Specifically, they consist of the Courcelles wind farm located in Aude, with a total of 11.5 MW from five machines with 2.3 MW of capacity each; and the Laneuville wind farm, located in the same province, which will have 10 MW of capacity thanks to five wind turbines with 2 MW of power each.

The other four installations, whose construction will begin shortly, are called Boulay Sud (where IBERDROLA owns 100%) and Boulay Nord (49%), both of which total 10 MW each and are located in the Moselle district; Stenay (10 MW), in the Meuse district; and Amelecourt (11.5 MW) in the Moselle district.

These wind farms are in addition to two others that are already under construction in the country and the five wind farms that the company has operational. IBERDROLA has already commissioned the wind farms of La Butte de Fraus (12 MW), Saint Mérec (8 MW), Le Roduel (6.85 MW) and Lérôme (4.85 MW), which are located in the cities of Meneac, Mohon and Kergrist, in the district of Morbihan (Brittany); as well as the Fitou wind farm (11.7 MW), which is located in the Aude district (Languedoc Roussillon).

All the wind farms in France are managed through the company’s subsidiary called Iberdrola Énergies Renouvelables SAS, which has its headquarters in Rennes. These wind farms are controlled from IBERDROLA’s Renewable Energies Operation Centre (CORE) in Toledo, a pioneering project in the world, created to optimise the technical management of renewable energy facilities and their economic performance.

The majority of these projects are the result of the purchase last year of the company Perfect Wind, considered to be one of the firms with the greatest development potential in the French wind energy sector. Perfect Wind has a pipeline totalling 600 MW.

IBERDROLA’s plans in France are framed within the company’s international expansion in the renewable energies area, a sector in which it is the global leader, with 4434 MW of installed power at the end of last year (4102 MW correspond to wind farms and 332 MW correspond to mini-hydraulic plants).

Presence in new countries

The company’s renewable energy generating capacity in Spain, which is currently located in 13 Spanish communities, incorporated a total of 403.46 MW of wind energy and 16.8 MW of mini-hydraulic energy in 2006. In the international area, IBERDROLA installed 203.87 MW last year. It also started operations in Poland, where it has 40.5 MW of capacity operational; in the United States (26 MW operational); and in Germany (34 MW in operation). In total, the company has 440 MW outside of Spain, distributed among Greece, Brazil, France, Portugal and the aforementioned operations in Poland, the United States and Germany.

As regards other kinds of renewable energies, IBERDROLA has 13 solar thermal electric energy projects in Spain that total 650 MW, and it is promoting the construction of a bioethanol plant in Barcial del Barco (Zamora) and the development of a wave power project in Cantabria.

The company, which has 8.7 times more renewable energy power than it had in 2000 (507 MW), plans on having 7000 MW of renewable energy operational in 2009 – of which 1450 MW will be located abroad – and on exceeding 10,000 MW in 2011. In this regard, IBERDROLA now has close to 18,500 MW in its pipeline both in Spain and in the rest of the world.

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