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September 2015


Integral solution to boost the development of photovoltaic solar energy in Spain

With Iberdrola Smart Solar, domestic clients, SMEs, irrigators and large businesses can discover if solar energy is an efficient alternative for them. 

How? Thanks to a turnkey solution that allows consumers to generate and consume their own electricity, optimising the consumption and improving the energy efficiency of their installation. The package includes the design, assembly and start up of a fully-tailored solar installation. Iberdrola Smart Solar includes financing, consultancy, maintenance, management and supervision of the plant.

Furthermore, through web tools and innovative applications, the user can have information about the condition of the solar installation, the daily production and the historical evolution of the consumed energy, on their mobile phones in real time.

With Iberdrola Smart Solar, everything is an advantage:

  • The consumer will benefit from a sustainable source that generates energy free of CO2 emissions, thereby reinforcing their own commitment to the environment.
  • The solution optimises energy consumption and improves the energy rating of the installations.
  • It is an integral, customised solution with everything that is necessary. 
  • Supply is guaranteed at all times, even when there is no sunshine.

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Iberdrola Smart Solar for homes.

Iberdrola Smart Solar for companies.

Iberdrola Smart Solar for irrigation communities.

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