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  • Through this pioneering initiative, shareholders will be able to access company information, make enquiries and follow the General Shareholders Meeting live

Iberdrola has launched “Online Shareholders (OLS)”, an interactive system which is hosted on the corporate website ( and offers a direct and continuous dialogue with the company.

The system allows shareholders to make any enquiry either publically or in confidence, access the most popular questions and answers on a number of themes and, once the General Shareholders Meeting has been announced, exercise their rights to information, representation and remote voting, as well as watch it live. 

Online Shareholders (OLS) is divided into four sections: 

(i)      The first section covers "Frequently asked questions", with the most common questions and answers divided into five groups in order to make the search process easier (general, strategic, about the general meeting, about results and about shareholder remuneration and the share).

(ii)     The second is called the "Consultation channel" through which shareholders can ask questions openly or in confidence.

(iii)    The third section is an "Ethics Box", by which the company can be informed of conduct that may be considered to be in contravention of the Code of Ethics or other rules of the Iberdrola Corporate Governance System.

(iv)    Lastly, the "Shareholder's seat" offers a number of links to other sections of the websitewhich, without leaving OLS, allows the shareholder to access the most relevant information from the General Shareholders Meeting.

To access these services, shareholders need to register through a quick, free and confidential process. There is also a telephone help line to resolve any problems when registering.

Iberdrola's intention is to improve shareholder access to information and promote their participation in the General Meeting, enhancing the system so that, in the future, they will be able to remotely attend the meeting via their computer no matter where they are. This initiative forms part of the company's commitment to transparency and implementing best corporate governance practices.

OLS will also be accessible from the Quick Shareholder’s Guide:a new service that was launched on the company's website, which allows shareholders to access noteworthy information, create a personalised annual report on Iberdrola, and link to the company’s profile on Twitter, to a calendar of major events, and to group press releases. 

OLS, available in Spanish and English, is part of the group’s corporate website and can also be accessed via this link:


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