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IBERDROLA has launched a new advertising campaign for television, radio, press, internet and billboards which focuses on the company’s values. The slogan is “When you find your path, there’s no turning back”.

The television spot uses a marathon allegory to symbolise IBERDROLA: thousands of people who have been moving in the same direction for the past 150 years, heading towards the horizon in a straight line, keeping to the same course, the same vision and the same path.

The runners represent the spirit of IBERDROLA which for generations has followed the same path with a clear objective and a shared vision. Pioneering, forward-looking, forerunners and innovators are just some of the words used to describe IBERDROLA, both now and looking to the future.

The ad was shot over seven days in 30 different locations, mainly in northern (Asturias, Cantabria, Álava, Burgos, Navarre, Valle de Arán, etc.) and central Spain (Salamanca).

The runners were filmed against a variety of backdrops, all with a common denominator, nature, a familiar trait running through all of IBERDROLA’s adverts.

All of the shots feature group facilities, namely the La Almendra hydro project in Salamanca and the Valdeporres and Elgea wind farms in Burgos and Álava. Some 60 people appear in the advert with filming covering over 4,000 kilometres across the country.

Light features prominently in the advert with different illumination used to reflect the different stages of the company’s history. The scenes were shot at various times of the day but all boast luminosity which is a common factor of all the company’s ads.

Different camera angles were used, with shots panning across the grandeur of the scenery and close-ups making the viewer feel as if they are there running alongside.

The soundtrack is also important and on this occasion was composed especially.  The music keeps in time with the runners and rises to a crescendo as their pace increases, just like a film score.

Locations used in filming the campaign:

La Covatilla ski resort (Béjar)

La Almendra hydro project (Salamanca)

Fuente Dé (Cantabria)

Arguebanes (Cantabria)

Puerto de San Glorio (Cantabria)

Liesba viewpoint (Cantabria)

Preyezo (Cantabria)

La Franca beach (Ribadedeva, Asturias)

Torimbia beach (Asturias)

Valdeporres wind farm (Burgos)

Elgea wind farm (Álava)

Urbasa natural park (Navarre)

Bilbao (Vizcaya)

Valle de Arán (Lérida)

Bonaigua mountain pass (Lérida)

Espot (Lérida)


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