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Telecommunications is a particularly relevant asset in electricity companies owing to its influence in the re-establishment of the electricity service, its contribution to the quality with which this service is provided, and its use for managing and monitoring the various distribution and generation installations.

Telecommunications is also used for centralising operations in control offices, and also for automating many processes and their management and remote supervision. Moreover, it is used to set up the WAN(1) and LAN(2) networks that support the corporate IT networks.

IBERDROLA's telecommunications infrastructure consists of different networks: backbone (fibre optic and PLC(3)), transmission (PDH(4), SDH(5), DWDM(6)), data-switching (MPLS), voice-switching (switchboards) and radio.

To operate, supervise, monitor and manage this telecommunications infrastructure, IBERDROLA has a Communications Network Management Centre (C.G.R.) that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The telecommunications infrastructure owned by IBERDROLA is not only used to provide services to the Group's businesses. Usage and rental agreements have also been reached with various telecommunications suppliers and customers.

Fibre optic network

The main advantage of the fibre-optic network is that it enables large volumes of information to be transmitted at high speed.
Taking advantage of the electricity distribution network infrastructure, IBERDROLA has deployed more than 17,103.1 km of fibre optic cable, with a sustainable growth of around 3.99% a year.

IBERDROLA 66.1% 11,300 km
THIRD PARTY 33.9% 5,803 km
TOTAL SICOID   17,103.1 km


AIR 70.2% 12,002 km
ASSIGNMENT 13.6% 2,326.3 km
METRO 1.8% 305.9 km
UNDERGROUND 14.4% 2,468.9 km
TOTAL SICOID   17,103.1 km


Fibre optic and infrastructure rental

IBERDROLA rents the fibre-optic network (dark fibre and lit fibre) to telecommunications operators and other customers.

Rental of other infrastructures

Electrical infrastructure rental agreements (space in substations, electricity pylons, space in repeaters, etc.) have been signed with various telecommunications operators in order to make the most of the locations and the connections to the IBERDROLA telecommunications network.

For more information:

(1) WAN: Wide Area Network.
(2) LAN: Local Area Network.
(3) PLC: Power Line Communications.
(4) PDH: Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchv.
(5) SDH: Svnchronous Digital Hierarchy.
(6) DWDM: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing.
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