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Management Team

The management team of Iberdrola, as a holding company, handles the organisation and strategic coordination of the Group. This duty is performed through the dissemination, implementation, and monitoring of the general strategy, the Corporate Policies and the basic management guidelines established by the Company’s Board of Directors for the entire Group.

The Business Model of the Group, which guides the conduct of the management team, is based on the co-existence of a decentralised structure of decision-making processes and the global integration of the businesses. It favours an agile and rapid decision-making process in day-to-day management corresponding to the head of business companies, while at the same time achieving appropriate coordination at the Group level through the country subholding companies.   

This model seeks to maximise the operation efficiency of the various units through the exchange of best practices among the companies of the Group, without impairing their decision-making autonomy, and particularly the framework for strengthened autonomy of the listed country subholding company Avangrid, Inc., which prevents meddling by other companies of the Group with the powers vested therein by the Corporate Governance System.

All day-to-day decisions and activities of the management team are focused on the principles contained in the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Iberdrola group, which reflects the corporate philosophy of the Group and inspires and takes form in the Corporate Policies and in the other rules of the Corporate Governance System.


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