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Equality Plan

IBERDROLA's Policy for the Reconciliation of Personal and Working Life and Equal Opportunity [PDF] promotes undertaking to equality between men and women in matters of: 

- Access to employment

- Training

- Career advancement

- Work conditions

In 2009, IBERDROLA adopted the Equality Plan, with which we have firmly established ourselves at the vanguard of corporate fabric by including measures to safeguard victims of gender-related violence.

Employee of the Group inspecting intelligent network equipment.

If you want more information on measures implemented by IBERDROLA on conciliation, play the video "IBERDROLA policies for reconciling work and family life"Note (*).

Within the framework of our commitment to equality and in defence of the family, we wield significant measures enabling the possibility of truly reconciling the personal and professional aspects in our lives. In Spain, the following are most salient:

CONTINUOUS WORK DAY From to 7:15 am to 3:30 pm, the first IBEX-35 company to implement the shortened work day with no lunch break in Spain
FLEXIBLE REDUCTION OF THE WORK DAY Five hours daily until the first birthday of employee’s child, without this affecting the employee’s salary.
PAID LEAVE One fortnight paid leave before the expected date of childbirth
NURSING WORK DAYS Additional 45 minute reduction in work day
WORK DAY REDUCTION LEGAL GUARDIANS Two-year extension in the child’s age (from 8 to 12), which exceeds pertinent legislation currently in force by four years
LEAVE Three- year extension in reserving the employee's job position for caring for a child or a dependent member of the family up to the second degree, being entitled to professional occupational training
COMPANY COMMITTEE To oversee the compliance with the reconciliation measures and equal opportunities.
TRAINING PLAN Including an on-line course on reconciliation matters and specific training for executives

Further information can be found in both the 2014 Sustainability Report [PDF]Note (*).


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