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Our History


Effort, talent, dedication and vision are the underlying pulse throughout the history of IBERDROLA, a Group with solid pillars on both sides of the Atlantic.

Since its very inception, IBERDROLA has contributed to social development through the growth of its business and the creation of value for the company, its customers and shareholders.

The company's social responsibility is embodied in the documentary directed by Julio Medem, Iberdrola in the days of the Waltz, and the We are with you campaign. IBERDROLA's dedication to people is also unmistakable in Iberdrola Eres Tú campaign, which reflects how the company engages to make the day-to-day of its shareholders better, and in this video regarding our continuous contribution to society.

A path of growth

Since the constitution of HIDROELÉCTRICA IBÉRICA in 1901 and Saltos del Duero en 1918 –whose integration in 1944 would form IBERDUERO- and, in parallel, the constitution of HIDROELÉCTRICA ESPAÑOLA in 1907; until their merger in 1991, which set the stage for today's IBERDROLA, both companies shared a history of accomplishments, recognition and innovation.

With the integration of ScottishPower (2007) and IBEDROLA USA (2008), and the consequent creation of a large global group, this past has been enriched: IBERDROLA’S roots now sink into the 21st century, to the other side of the Atlantic. 

In 2011 IBERDROLA takes another major step in its international growth with the purchase of the Brazilian company Elektro.

In December 2015 completion of the friendly merger between IBERDROLA USA and UIL Holdings Corporation gives rise to the new company AVANGRID.

Throughout its strategic plans, IBERDROLA has continued shoring up its international expansion and developing innovative projects in offshore wind power, smart grids and clean technology.

Joining cultures and experience

This pioneering effort has fuelled IBERDROLA to become Spain's leading energy group, among the world's top five electricity utilities, and a global leader in renewable energies. A position of leadership based on values that galvanise the intrinsic mission and vision of the company.

The integration process has entailed a tally of cultures, experience and competitiveness from this integration has resulted in a group active in approximately 40 countries, with 28,494 employeesNote (*) and nearly 32 million customers. With numerous challenges on the horizon and a broad project portfolio, IBERDROLA will continue making history.

(*) Information at 31 March 2016 taken from First Quarter 2016 Report Results. [PDF]

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