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Vision and Values

We works to be an energy company committed to ethics and respect for the environment as the foundation for a sense of belonging and for the trust of the people and the various stakeholders with whom the Company interacts.

Our corporate culture is reflected in the Company's Vision and Values.

At IBERDROLA, we believe in people, putting that belief at the core of our values:

  • LOYALTY: We always seek to bring the interests of the company in line with those of the employee, which leads to building mutual loyalty.
  • TEAM SPIRIT: We actively work to build the team based on trust, credibility and example, fostering communication and mutual support.
  • WORK: Our raison d’être as a company is to create the greatest value for the IBERDROLA customers, shareholders and professionals, the community and all interest groups with which we interact.
  • CAPACITY: Knowledge together with commitment and obtaining results represents our competitive edge. It is the responsibility of everyone at IBERDROLA to contribute the best of ourselves and to develop ourselves, without leaving our colleagues behind in this growth process, recognising and rewarding progress and contributions with fairness and objectivity.
  • HONESTY: Creating value for all in a sustainable way requires ethical, honest and socially responsible actions by all those who participate in our activities.


Commitments of IBERDROLA
PERSON Basis for any action
CUSTOMERS Recipient of our Products and Services
COMPETITIVENESS Search for professional excellence in daily life
RESULTS Objective of our activity


WORK Effort applied to value creation
CAPACITY Aptitude and talent for good performance
HONESTY True, correct and transparent performance
RESULTS Defending the interests of IBERDROLA
TEAM SPIRIT Organised and motivated professionals

The Code of Ethics of IBERDROLA, S.A. and its Group of Companies [PDF] was created to develop the Principles and Values, which seek to serve as guidelines for our professionals’ actions.

Each year, the Office of Internal Auditing reviews the Code of Ethics of IBERDROLA, S.A. and its Group of Companies, adding suggestions and improvements proposed by the professionals, that enable the code to remain current.


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