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With over 150 years’ experience, IBERDROLA is one of the world’s largest private electric companies. Its services, provided nearly to 30 million customers, focus on the generation, transport, distribution and marketing of electricity and natural gas.

The Code of Ethics of IBERDROLA, S.A. and its Group of Companies [PDF]  was created to develop the mission, vision and values, which seek to serve as guidelines for our professionals’ actions.

At IBERDROLA, we believe that without the benefit of a qualified, motivated team, with a varied knowledge base, it would not be possible to achieve the approved strategic goals. Without a doubt, our most important asset is our people. From that perspective, at IBERDROLA, we recruit, identify and incorporate the best talent, analysing the attitudes and behaviours required for each job, assigning the best person to perform the functions required in each job. At the same time, we always respect the applicable legislation and the best professional techniques.

We take on and promote the following foundations, in accordance with our Recruitment and Selection Policy [PDF]:

  • RESPECTING equal opportunities and promoting non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, nationality, religion, age or any other personal, physical or social condition. This will guarantee the capability of incorporating, motivating and retaining the best talent, maintaining the ethical and legal principles expected of a company of trust, consistency and in line with the values of our customers, shareholders, employees and community.
  • MAINTAINING and FOSTERING universal hiring so that the recruitment and selection processes include all the professionals who fit the required skills profile, without exclusions of any type that limit the effectiveness of the selection.
  • ENSURING that the selection is made based solely on merit and capability criteria, guaranteeing that all applicants receive the same treatment during the entire process.
  • DEVELOPING the procedures that enable the ideal applicants to be identified and evaluated based on the required knowledge, attitudes, abilities and/or skills for the different jobs.
  • COMPLYING with the applicable legislation in each country, guaranteeing all applicants the highest level of confidentiality in accordance with the current data protection regulations.

These principles are combined with IBERDROLA's commitment to quality employment, training and professional development. The company's decision to join the 2013-2016 Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment StrategyNote (*) clearly reflects its interest in promoting measures that offer employment opportunities to population groups in a situation of disadvantage. The strategy, which is an initiative of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, seeks to contribute to improve the employability of young people, increase the quality and stability of the job offers, promote equal opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship.

IBERDROLA today is one of the favourite utilities to work for (ranking Merco Talento 2015Note (*), one of the companies with the best corporate reputation (ranking Merco Empresas 2015Note (*)) and one of the most highly rated companies from the point of view of responsibility and corporate governance (ranking Merco Responsabilidad y Gobierno Corporativo 2015Note (*)).


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(*) Spanish version.

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