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Are all vacancies at IBERDROLA published in this channel?

No. If we find enough applicants registered in our Employment Channel, the vacancy to be filled is not published.

Can I register for a vacancy if I do not meet the requirements?

It is not advisable, since the selection technicians will use the Curriculum Vitae you submitted in the Employment Channel to evaluate your application, rejecting it in the process if you do not meet the job requirements. If you do this very often, you will become an applicant with a distorted image.

I registered for a vacancy but was not called for tests…

Registering for a vacancy does not necessarily mean that you will be called to take the tests. This may be because you do not fit the profile required or there are applicants who are more specifically suited to the job.


If you have submitted your CV/Resume in the Employment Channel, we will take it into consideration when there is an opening that is more suited to your characteristics.



I do not see a vacancy that I viewed not long ago in the channel.

Each process has a specific duration for completing applicant selection. If you no longer see a vacancy that you viewed previously, it means that the applicant pre-selection phase is over.


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