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On the Selection Process

How does IBERDROLA conduct its applicant pre-selection processes?

Following an initial CV pre-selection from those registered in the Employment Channel, we select those that fit the profile required to fill the job vacancy. The pre-selected applicants are called to participate in an onsite qualifying test phase, which is conducted through psychotechnical tools on PDAs.

What do the qualifying tests given to the pre-selected applicants consist of?

Once your CV has been selected, the evaluation process begins with a personalised announcement for an aptitudes and attitudes exam that consists of the following phases:

  • Academic record evaluation.
  • Psychotechnical tests that measure aptitudes and skills.
  • Language test (if required for the job).
  • Personality test.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Personal interview.

What are the steps once the qualifying test has been passed?

The selection technicians send a report on each pre-selected applicant to the department or organisation in the Company that indicated the vacancy to be filled. The managers in that department or organisation then conduct an interview with the pre-selected applicants to make a final decision.  

The other applicants who successfully passed the different process phases are entered into the job exchange, where their application may be resumed again at any time for future jobs that become available. 

Which IBERDROLA companies advertise their vacancies through the Employment Channel?

The Employment Channel is utilised across the IBERDROLA Group, therefore, this affects all companies internationally. You can check the list of companies in the Data Protection clause within the registration form in the candidates area.

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