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On Applying

Is it worth it to register in the Employment Channel if I do not see any offers that fit my profile?

Yes. The Curricula Vitae (CVs) registered in the Employment Channel are the database on which we search for applicants to fill new jobs or vacancies that arise at IBERDROLA. There are offers that are not published in the Channel whose applicants are pre-selected from that CV database.

How can I determine whether my details were entered correctly?

When you enter your CV, the system goes through different sections that enable you to complete your personal details, training, and so on. Once you have completed each of the selections, you can view your CV as it will be registered in the Employment Channel database.

I have participated in an evaluation process and I am unaware of the status of my application.

The normal procedure consists of notifying the applicants by e-mail of the status of their application as the selection process phases advance.

If you do not receive an e-mail, you can contact the selection technician who was in charge of your process.

However, you can always send us your questions through the Contact us section in the Employment Channel. We will reply as soon as possible.

I was told that I was placed in the evaluated applicants exchange and i have not received any subsequent notification.

Being included in the Applicants Exchange means that you have passed the first phase of the selection process, but there is currently no job to be filled that fits your profile.

However, when there is an opening that is suited to your profile, your application may be resumed again for that job and you will be informed of the vacancy to be covered.

How will I know if my application has been selected for participation in a selection process?

The selected applicants receive a telephone call in which the selection process phases are explained.

Am I required to include my academic record along with the details registered in the employment channel?

It is desirable that you enter your academic record. It will give us more information about you.

You can attach your record to your CV in the OTHER section by clicking the Attach Documents link.

Although I have entered my details, i would like to send my personalised CV as well. can I do that? how?

It is not necessary for you to attach your CV, since the purpose of the Employment Channel is to have you enter your details in previously set fields for that purpose. Nonetheless, if you feel that it is necessary to include it in order to provide more information, you can attach it as you would your academic record in the OTHER section by clicking the Attach Documents link.

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