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Registering and adding your CV/Resume

On which internet browsers does the applicants area on Employment Channel work?

We have verified that all screens on applicant area work on Internet Explorer, mozilla Firefox and Chrome, if you’re having  trouble on any other browser, please let us know via enquires box and we’ll check it.

If I was registered before May 2013, what should I do?

If you registered before May 2013, and uploaded your CV/Resume, you must register as a new user, because in this new area your old credentials are not operational.

What can I do if I change my email account?

You must take into account that your email account  works as your username and if you forget your password, you can only get it back by an email sent to the mailbox showing on your CV/Resume. Therefore, if you’re planning on changing it, we recommend you  to first update it on your CV/Resume.

What should I do if I’m no longer using the email account I signed up with and I want to update my profile?

If you are no longer using the email account you used to register, you need to sign up again with your new email account.  Please note that the data you originally provided will not automatically transfer to the new account, and you will be required to enter it again.

I haven’t received, or I cannot see, the activation email to fill in my CV/Resume… what should I do?

Please check your spam folder, and if you still cannot find it, please contact us via contact mailbox.

I haven’t received, or I cannot see, the email confirming my application for a job offers.

Please check the  “My Vacancies” tab – the date you applied  should be visible next to the vacancy  you applied to, this means your application has been received properly. If the date is showing blank, you will need to apply again. If this date is not showing up, please check you spam folder, the message should be showing up there. If not, please contact us via mailbox.

What does "release my profile" mean?

 If you choose not to release a profile, your CV/Resume data will not be visible for  Human Resources,  except for the Job applications that you have made.

We suggest you leave your profile released, which is the default option; as this will allow recruiters to see your profile during any search of the candidate pool.

I haven’t finished my studies yet, but I would like to upload my CV/Resume… where / how can I do it?

You must update the “description” under the “Education” section the amount of time you have spent on the studies and the expected duration.

I cannot find the coding related to my studies, what should I do?

Please choose “OTHERS” and use the “Description box" to detail your studies.

My experience does not match the functional areas coded… what should I do?

Please choose “OTHERS” and use the “Description” box to detail them.

Do I need to upload a CV/Resume document?

It’s not mandatory but we recommend you do this, so we can have the most updated information on your profile. We suggest you use the international format EUROPASS (you can download the file from any internet browser).

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